PHP, also referred as Personal Home Page is one of the easily handling server side scripting language that commonly uses html functions for designing and MySQL as backend database. Hypertext Preprocessor is another expansion of PHP if we talk about it technically. Would you like to learn PHP programming? Of course it is an easily understandable programming language. Learning all about PHP in a week is impossible for an average person but a scheduled time table can help you to study on core areas enough to become a website developer. Day 1: The initial step towards PHP programming is to learn about HTML. Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is the base of web designing. HTML tags are used to create the web pages or web content that need to be displayed in the Web browser. Let the first day be for learning about HTML5, the latest tool for web development. Day 2: Once you got an idea about using HTML, it's time to start with the first program in PHP. Whether in online tutorials or text books, the first program will be to display "Hello World" in a web page. Along with baby steps to PHP, here you study on how to use HTML tags to execute pages in a browser. Day 3: Start with the lessons on how to represent the inputs and outputs in a computer programming. Variables and Arrays are the representations using which manipulations are done. The creation and usage of variables to represent single inputs and arrays for multiple inputs enables you to customize process according to logic and execute the output.